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Salen 2017

Datum 22-29 juli 2017
Locatie Sälen, (Zweden)

zweden1The Swedish Drentsche Patrijshond Club turns 5 years in 2017 and this will be celebrated in many ways during this year’s big "Drent Meeting", arranged for the fifth year in a row! Sälen is a beautiful village in the Southern mountains of Sweden, with great nature, perfect places to train your dog(s) and lots of activities for the whole family.

The annual "Drent Meeting" is a great way for drent owners from all over Scandinavia and Europe – or wherever you may live - to get together, have fun and exchange experiences. The week offers courses and training for all levels and interests. You can participate in however much or little of the program you like and choose to stay the whole week or part of it. The full program will be available later this spring, but examples of courses that will be offered are obedience, rally obedience, massage and wellness, blood-tracking, mountain hiking, water training, retrieving, water retrieving, tracking of game, and much more.

If you wish you can start your dog at official tests in:

  • blood tracking (July 25-26),
  • retrieving (July 27),
  • mentality description, BPH, (July 22)

The week begins with our ClubMatch, the first ever official show for only drentsche patrijshond on Sunday July 23, with Dutch judge Wim Wellens.

zweden2During the week there will be joint dinners, lectures and meetings about the breed, competitions and awards. Every evening the club tent is open, with coffee and cakes for sale and the possibility to just have a great time. And of course, there will be the traditional lottery with lots of great wins!

Accommodation is offered in affordable modern cabins, all within walking distance from each other and the communal areas. Of course it is also possible to come with your camper or to rent accommodation in the area yourself. So why not plan a holiday in Sweden this summer, combined with lots of fun activities together with your drent(s) and other owners of the breed from many different countries?

Entry forms will be posted on SDPK's webpage early in May.


European Community rules apply when you bring your dog to Sweden. If you pass through Norway deworming against tapeworms (echinococcus) is required, check with the Norwegian authorities for more information.

Participation Fee

Training during the week is financed through fees from the participants. You pay 650 SEK (≈€70.00) per dog handler and 350 SEK (≈€37.50) per adult without a dog, regardless of how many days or how much you want to participate. Membership in the club is required.

For more information please contact Elisabeth Gilek:

M: elisabeth [AT] drentklubben [DOT] se

T: +46 707 95 43 82 (engels of nederlands)

Information about Sälen:



Bosweg 2
3651 LV Woerdense Verlaat
+31 (0)172 409 437

Vereniging "De Drentsche Patrijshond"

  • opgericht 5 Juni 1948

  • Koninklijk goedgekeurd, laatstelijk bij Koninklijk Besluit d.d. 28 augustus 1975

  • Erkend door de Raad van Beheer

  • Inschrijfnummer Kamer van Koophandel te Enschede (Ov.) onder nr. 40075145

De vereniging heeft als doel:

  • De instandhouding en verbetering van de Nederlandse staande jachthond de Drentsche Patrijshond, haar karakter, jachteigenschappen en verschijning, als omschreven in de rasstandaard

  • Het bevorderen van de gezondheid en het welzijn van de tot het ras behorende honden

  • Het bevorderen van het contact tussen fokkers, jagers en liefhebbers van Drentsche Patrijshonden